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Getting started with Glitch

Glitch is a great platform for hosting your GitHub or newly made projects running node.js, web servers, and more.


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What is Developer Bacon?

Developer Bacon makes articles and tutorials that I would have found very helpful when I started my bacon web development journey.

Target Audience

This site is aimed at beginner developers learning website development. This includes tutorials on the basics of coding languages and modern technologies and frameworks. While a senior web developer may already know about these topics they might have missed something that would have been helpful to know.

Cooking bacon?

There are many ways to cook your bacon, whether it you cook it in the microwave or on the stove, or even if you don't cook your bacon. Tell me about your favorite way on the contact page.

What to expect

Developer Bacon will be producing html tutorials, css & javascript animations, along with solutions to problems that I have run into over the years.


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