About Developer Bacon

So, you want to learn more about Developer Bacon and its author/developer? Well, you have come to the right place! This is the place to learn more about the amazing person that has put together a website full of helpful tutorials.

What to expect from Developer Bacon

This site was created for me to spread some knowledge over the internet. For a long time, I have wanted to share my knowledge of the things that I do with the world through some sort of media, and I thought that this would be the best way for me to show off my skills with web development along with spreading the info I want.

This website will be updating constantly so remember to check back for new posts and tutorials about the latest (bacon improvements and) web development technologies and platforms.

About Brett Anda (the creator)

My name is Brett Anda I am the developer behind Developer Bacon. I am an aspiring web developer learning as many cool technologies and platforms as I can find. This website was made with Next.JS. Next.JS is a React framework that can be used for your whole web stack.

Behind the name of Developer Bacon

There is not much that is special about the name Developer Bacon. I chose it because I haven't seen any other web developer sites with a bacon or food theme. I also chose it because who doesn't like bacon.

If you would like to tell me about your favorite way to cook your bacon you can contact me by filling out the contact form.

How did I make this site

Developer Bacon is generated using Next.JS. All of the posts are converted from Markdown to HTML during the build process. This site is also on Netlify, so all the changes I make are automatically published when I push my changes to my repository.

This website was previously made with Gridsome and if you would like to check out a template that I made for Gridsome based on Developer Bacon check it out on Github.